A SYMPHONY OF DESIGN AND NATURE: The Furniture Gallery Redefines the Retail Experience with Extraordinary New Flagship Store

Buying furniture and home decor is a necessary but often mundane process, where we explore online options or navigate through a plain showroom. The Furniture Gallery is disrupting the norm with a brand new showroom that aims to transform the furniture shopping experience into something truly special, not to mention enjoyable. Its 2024, so its about time furniture retail had a makeover and created some magic for its customers!

Nestled in the heart of Joondalup, the new showroom stands as a testament to The Furniture Gallerys commitment to pushing the boundaries of creativity and offering Perth customers an immersive journey through the world of design. This extraordinary new showroom is redefining the retail experience with state-of-the-art architecture and innovative design elements that promise to captivate and inspire. So captivating and inspiring, in fact, that its well worth the travel - even if youre on the south side of this beautiful city.

After all, who wouldnt want to visit a showroom that some are already calling Perths most spectacular retail space?

A Vision of Architectural Brilliance

Designed by talented Perth architect Bryan Ho, the new Joondalup showroom seamlessly integrates form and function to create a space that is visually stunning, set over 3000 square meters. One of the standout features of the showroom is the expansive live vertical garden spanning over two levels, which might remind you of the incredible green walls you see at Singapores magnificent hanging gardens. Customers will have the opportunity to explore furniture collections amongst this lush backdrop, which keeps the space naturally cool and refreshing, not to mention incredibly aesthetic. Effortlessly blending organic and contemporary, the showroom also boasts a floating butterflystaircase, architectural sky lights and glass elevator. Having previously worked on The Furniture Gallerys other showrooms, Bryan Ho explains we took elements that worked and stood out from each showroom like the live planter wall, the white marble counter, the feature podium stage showcasing new and promotional items, and the use of bronze tinted mirrors and timber.” But working with a much larger space, and taking these elements to the next level to form a new mega flagship showroom, was also part of the brief. Because the showroom is huge, focal points were needed on both sides of the space,” says Ho. As you walk into the showroom, the feature butterfly stairs became the main focal point complimenting the beautiful two level planter wall with the architectural sky lights that allow plenty of sunlight into the live plants. On the other side of the showroom, the feature glass lift becomes the focal point riding from the basement carpark.” All these features combine to invite customers into a world where design is not just a product, but an entire experience.

Not Just Your Normal Furniture Store”

We have too many of those, after all. Thats why Directors Sophie Langa and Chrissy Palmer set out to create one of the most beautiful showrooms in Australia.” With a clear vision in mind, Sophie says "we needed it to be an inspiring space, not just your normal furniture store. We want this place to be the catalyst for creative thinking, a place people can immerse themselves in a new experience. Its the whole space that speaks to you, not just the product.” 

A Style Democracy

When you step inside any of the Furniture Gallery showrooms, youll find yourself immersed in a space showcasing each furniture display as a carefully curated vignette, so that you can envision how the designs integrate into your home, sparking inspiration and creativity. With exclusive collections from a host of Australian and international brands, The Furniture Gallery offers everything from minimalist contemporary pieces to opulent classics, Hamptons coastal, French Provincial, and everything in between. The diversity of styles ensures theres something for every taste and preference. 

We imagine a style democracy,” says Chrissy, where everyone is empowered to realise their dream interior. To that end, FG provides the paintbrush, colours and palette (our furniture, decor and interior design consulting) to help execute unique expressions of living on the canvas that is your home.”  

As a couple of interior enthusiasts living in Perth, Chrissy notes we were frustrated by the lack of choice of eclectic and on-trend furniture and home decor pieces in Perth at reasonable prices as well as the lack of expert design and styling advice available for people wanting to style their interiors. We saw a huge gap in the WA market for stylish furniture with a balance of affordability and great aesthetics. We wanted to recreate the feel of the serious interior inspiration we got when we visited beautiful showrooms on our world travels.” The new Joondalup showroom is the ultimate expression of that vision.

Something Special

In an era where online shopping dominates, The Furniture Gallery is committed to creating a transformative retail experience in store, including offering personalised consultations with in-house interior designers. The new Joondalup showroom realises that goal of adding something special to the consumer experience and transforming the mundane into the marvellous. Ready to visit your new favourite store in Perth? The Furniture Gallery Joondalup is open now!

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