3 Reasons Why We Love Hamptons Style

The Hamptons. The Summer destination for the vacationing New York elite, and now one of the world's most popular interior styles. Synonymous with understated coastal elegance, we continue to turn to this style year after year to maintain Summer holiday vibes in our homes. 
Here are 3 reasons why Hamptons styling is our favourite interior theme for Summer and beyond...


Trends come and go, but Hamptons style is always chic. Sophisticated and elegant, Hamptons styling has a refined look that oozes subtle luxury. It's no wonder that many celebrity homes celebrate Hamptons styling. We love using timeless pieces like upholstered armchairs, classy stripes, oversized lamps, grand chandeliers and glass coffee tables - mixing old and new for maximum effect.


Is your home feeling a little dark? Hamptons furniture is sure to open up your interior thanks to the crisp white elements and neutral palette which create a sense of light and space. Complement these tones with muted greys and soft blues and greens, or contrast with splashes of navy and black.


We all want our home to feel like a haven, and Hamptons styling is perfect for achieving that. Natural materials like white-washed linens, timber, jute and rattan, along with calming ocean blues and lush greenery contribute to a tranquil, inviting space in which you can relax and entertain.